Chilton Cantelo School Oldies Official Site. The Cotes-James Era (1959–89)

Recollections of Chilton Cantelo School when owned by Captain and Mrs Cotes-James by means of film, photography, tales, and historical facts.


How The Cotes-James at Chilton Cantelo Pioneered Public School Education for the age of Populism.

Chilton Cantelo School History

History of Chilton Cantelo House

A few interesting historical facts about Chilton Cantelo House that you may not know.

Chilton Cantelo Fire Brigade

The Chilton Cantelo School Fire Brigade was brought in to being in 1964.

Thoroughfare Magazine Chilton Cantelo School

Old Thoroughfare Magazines

Download back issues of the Old Thoroghfare Magazine.

Clive Lewis-Hopkins

Interview with Clive Lewis-Hopkins

An interview with Clive Lewis-Hopkins, the creator of Chilton Cantelo School Oldies.

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