Old Footage

I am indebted to both Richard and Chris Cotes-James for pointing me in the direction of these old film from the BBC archives.

1965 The First Fire Engine Comments

Hi Clive,

I remember this as I was No 1 Hoseman at the time, we also did a radio interview. Most people at the time thought we couldn’t put out the cat. Think that was a John Venus term. People I recognise are Tait, who was I/C, Brooking-Clark and my good-self. Oddly enough I’m working for the Fire Service at this time though not squirting the water about. Will enlighten you with more Chilli Chilton memories when get the opportunity. Enjoy the reunion, would like to be there but prior commitments.

Nick Smith 5th August, 2012

Re. 1972 A few words from Captain Cotes-James

How the years come racing back on hearing Captain’s voice again, it was as if it was yesterday. The clip was taken after I had left as in my day the Fire Team had a red Land Rover which towed a surplus Coventry Climax fire pump left over from the Blitz and no doubt scrounged by Captain from some Military store somewhere. In my day Richard Bates was one of the leading lights in the Fire Brigade. Also the girls were as yet not clad in those trendy leather outfits they wore in the film. I am not sure when they came in ……………… and am looking forward to the reunion on the 18th of August.

David Wilson

…… a thrill, if a trifle macabre, to hear the unmistakable tones of HACJ again. I noted too his reference to the value of the “end product” of the firefighting scheme. Vintage Captain.

Peter Isaac

Just played the Chilton Fire Brigade footage through, it was really spooky to hear Captain’s voice again after so many years, this is a great asset to the site and should bring a few memories back and hopefully some email/contacts by those involved should they recognize themselves in all that clobber?

Edward Lutley

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