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60th Anniversary Chilton Cantelo School Oldies Reunion – Friday 30th August, 2019

Details to follow shortly. See the Events page for more information and updates.

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Peter V Hall – Chilton Cantelo

Peter V. Hall – My Life After Chilton!

Peter V Hall on a visit from Australia to Chilton Cantelo House in 2013 I heard through the grapevine that Chilton Cantelo’s Marketing Manager Anne Brayley showed old boy Peter V. Hall, and his new wife from Victoria down under, around the old school last August. Peter was at Chilton circa 1966-67. Anne mentioned in…

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Richard Cotes-James, Nicholas Collis, Peter Isaac, Gail Isaac, Rodney Sawtell and David Wilson

Time Travel At The Rose & Crown Re-Union 2013

Richard Cotes James, Ruth Sawtell, Nicholas Collis and Peter IsaacRichard Cotes-James, Nicholas Collis, Peter Isaac, Gail Isaac, Rodney Sawtell and David Wilson Itinerant Oldie Peter Isaac and his wife Gail, both fresh from New Zealand, via France, found that the past half century or so melted away when they encountered a posse of contemporary Oldies…

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Nobby Kerton with Edward Lutley

50 Years Between Sips

Nobby Kerton pulls a pint of his excellent ciderNobby Kerton with Edward Lutley Fifty years ago three Chilton Cantelo House School pupils gate-crashed a cider tasting at the 400 year old cider press at Higher Farm, adjacent to the school and which from the inception of the school has seemed to be almost part of…

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Chilton Cantelo School Oldies 2012 Reunion

The 2012 Oldies Reunion

It was so good to see so many Chiltonians turn out for this our second reunion at Chilton on 18th August, 2012. Numbers were up to 64 spread evenly over 30 years. It was a super effort by everyone who came and especially those travelling from abroad. We were blessed by fine weather which always…

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Email from John Hobbins

Dear Clive:I came across your oldies site and realized that I was an oldie. I was a Millfield boarder at Chilton Cantelo for four terms – Summer ’62 to Summer ’63. I transferred there, despite the long bus rides, because Capt. James allowed pipe smoking a couple of years younger than Boss. Discipline was also…

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Email from Nigel Holmes

July, 2012.Hi I have looked at the reunion sites for a few years now and tried to contact various people without much success, I did get a phone call from Peter Panayotou  but I must say it all seemed very vague and an awfully long time ago.I was at CC for a couple of years 1964–65 I…

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