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A Final 2019 Reunion and a Lasting Tribute to the Founders

Memorial to Assassinated Pupil Nigeria’s Abu Bakr Mahe Balewa Considered An interview with convenor of the Chilton Cantelo School Oldies Clive Lewis-Hopkins Your plan is to have a terminating Cotes-James Years reunion in 2019. Intriguingly you also intend to put in place an enduring memorial to the founding duo? C.L-H: Nothing lasts for ever, not…

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50 Years Between Sips

Fifty years ago three Chilton Cantelo House School pupils gate-crashed a cider tasting at the 400 year old cider press at Higher Farm, adjacent to the school and which from the inception of the school has seemed to be almost part of it. Then as now the farmer and the proprietor of the cider press…

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Email from John Hobbins

Dear Clive:I came across your oldies site and realized that I was an oldie. I was a Millfield boarder at Chilton Cantelo for four terms – Summer ’62 to Summer ’63. I transferred there, despite the long bus rides, because Capt. James allowed pipe smoking a couple of years younger than Boss. Discipline was also…

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