The 2012 Oldies Reunion

Chilton Cantelo School Oldies

It was so good to see so many Chiltonians turn out for this our second reunion at Chilton on 18th August, 2012. Numbers were up to 64 spread evenly over 30 years. It was a super effort by everyone who came and especially those travelling from abroad.

We were blessed by fine weather which always helps; Captain maintained that he had a special line upstairs as Chilton always guaranteed good weather when needed on those special occasions.

Edward Lutley’s Reunion Church address, 2012. Video by Clive Lewis-Hopkins

If we are to continue we will need all the help we can get locating missing old pupils and we would appreciate your help in forwarding any contacts you may have for our database. Get in touch. At present we have only 110 on our list.

Speeches by the Head Master Dr John Price followed by Richard Cotes-James, 2012. Video by Clive Lewis-Hopkins

My special thanks go to the Rev. Michael Hayes and the organist and, of course, Dr John Price and his P.A. Myra Helps. Without them this very special day could not have happened. Thank you all for coming.

Clive and I look forward to meeting you all in the not too distant future.

One good speech ends as another one begins

2012 Reunion – end of a good speech
Richard Cotes-James and the Headmaster Dr John Price on the staircase of Chilton Cantelo House

Photos from the day

The following were present at the 2012 reunion

Ex Pupils

  • Mr D. Allen (Dickinson)
  • Mrs Sarah-Jane Anderson (Lord)
  • Mr Richard Barnes
  • Mrs Fiona Black
  • Mrs J. S. Blake (Long)
  • Mr Adrian Brooking-Clarke
  • Mr Richard Blyth
  • Mr K. Kardoso
  • Mr Rex Carslake
  • Mr Nick Clark
  • Mr Nicholas Collis
  • Mr Brian Coram
  • Mr Richard Cotes-James
  • Mrs Mo Cotes-James
  • Mr Richard Dalby
  • Mr D. C. Donnelly
  • Mrs D. J. Donnelly
  • Mr Dave Evans
  • Mr Banji Faradoye
  • Mr Michael Handley
  • Fiona S. Henderson
  • Venetia Hawker
  • Mr Anders Heyerdahl
  • Mr & Mrs Nigel Holmes
  • Mr Christian Karavolas
  • Mr Clive Lewis-Hopkins
  • Mr David Long
  • Mr Edward Lutley
  • Mrs Diana Lutley
  • Mr James Lutley
  • Rhys Marsden
  • Mr Simon Martyn
  • Tracy Moore
  • Lindsey Morgan
  • Helen Matherson
  • Cora McCarthy
  • Mr Patrick Oatley
  • Mary A. Patterson (Carslake)
  • Miss Sally Potter
  • Mrs Margot Powell
  • Mrs Jane E. Slade (Bufton)
  • Mr Rodney Sawtell
  • Mrs Ruth Sawtell (Thomas)
  • Mr Neil C. Smith
  • Pat Swain
  • Mr Chris Thomas-Peter
  • Mr Gary Tovey
  • Karen Trowbridge
  • Mrs Elizabeth Walker (Dawson)
  • Mr Stewart Whitfield
  • Mr David G. Wilson
  • Mr N. Wood
  • Mr Collin Wood


  • Will Phillips
  • Jenny Ridewood
  • Renee & Pierre Moskwa (Claire)

Special Guests

  • Dr John and Jane Price
  • Rev Michael Hayes
  • Nobby Kerton
  • Sue Kerton
  • Myra Helps

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