28th August 2013

Time Travel At The Rose & Crown Re-Union 2013

Itinerant Oldie Peter Isaac and his wife Gail, both fresh from New Zealand, via France, found that the past half century or so melted away when they encountered a posse of contemporary Oldies at the Rose & Crown near Chilton Cantelo. They had anticipated a “quiet” lunch with familiar old lags Peter Liesching, Edward Lutley, and Clive Lewis-Hopkins. But when they entered the tap room they also found themselves among a detachment of others from the Class of circa 1962 including Ruth Sawtell, Nick Collis, Dave Wilson and Richard Cotes-James.

“I recognised everyone immediately,” recalled Isaac. “We just took up where we had left off—I felt like a time traveller which I suppose, in I sense, I was. It was a fantastic piece of logistics by Clive and Edward.”

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One Comment on “Time Travel At The Rose & Crown Re-Union 2013

Dave coopet
3rd March 2018 at 8:05 pm

Would like 2 old school friends between 1973 2 1980 ?


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