18th November 2011

What a hip little site!

The following lines refer to Neil C. Smith’s old Chiltonians website which has disappeared from our screens. I wrote them back in 2002, when I had my old hippy head on, and posted them on Neil’s notice board. It was a hip little site indeed and a lot bigger than this tiddler!

What has happened to you Neil? Clive Lewis-Hopkins.

April 19th 2002 03:31:21 PM
Name Clive Lewis-Hopkins.
Period at Chilton Cantelo School: first half of the swinging 60s

Say something: Gents (+ Ruth Thomas who was like the only bird at the school at that time).

what a hip little site. i was hanging ten one day in a cyber cafe waiting for the surf to pick up in weston-super-mare when i discovered this site. wow. cool stuff. great to re-discover my past life as the golden boy of chilton cantelo. playing sea cadets,smoking pipe virginia,scrumpy half a crown a pint, oh such a life. but i was young back then and what i wouldn’t give to know then the things i know now. remember “lift up your hearts” at 10 to 8 in the morning. it was, like, freaky man. gotta hop through. peace to you all. good karma. “magic mushroom” or “the wild one” to my alreet surfer mates.

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