Email from Nigel Holmes

July, 2012.

Hi I have looked at the reunion sites for a few years now and tried to contact various people without much success, I did get a phone call from Peter Panayotou  but I must say it all seemed very vague and an awfully long time ago.

I was at CC for a couple of years 1964–65 I think, and have fond memories of the ten tors walk, a complete disaster as I remember, I hung out with Rat and others? Playing at being fire men there was an old red Land Rover that towed a pump thing around parked In a garage behind the tuck shop.

I broke my leg playing rugby (2nd team) got my school colours for that one, the only success I had at CC, had an altercation with a kid called Buller. I often wonder if any of these people are still alive. I have hesitated to get in touch as I was asked to leave by Cotes James as my old Chap did not pay the school fees and I entered a dark phase of my life I’d rather forget, but as time passes I wonder if any one would remember me I would hate to attend a reunion and be lost in a sea of strangers. Any way hope you are all well and if you know any one who remembers a thin, short, blond haired kid from Tanzania I would love to hear from them.

Best Regards

Nigel Holmes
The Original Book Works Ltd
1 Wilkinson Road, Cirencester, GL7 1YT’d

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