A surprise meeting with old boy Peter Isaac

On Thursday I received a telephone call from Edward & Diana Lutley summonsing me to appear at Castle Cary the following day (15th July, 2011) as old Chilton Cantelo boy Peter Isaac, and his charming wife Gail, had descended from New Zealand on Castle Cary on a grand tour of the UK. This beautiful town seems an excellent place to stop as it is , as you all know, near to Chilton Cantelo as well as his old school friend Peter Liesching. I could not refuse to miss this great opportunity to see Peter Isaac, as I had not seen him for about 50 years or so, and I was on the train to Castle Cary the next day.

All six of us met up in the courtyard of the George Hotel, Castle Cary and enjoyed a very pleasant ‘al fresco’ lunch courtesy of Peter and Gail Isaac. Thank you Peter—I was not expecting that. I was most envious of Peters young appearance with plenty of hair with no trace of grey. After lunch we decided to walk up Lodge Hill, to an observation platform overlooking Castle Cary, and then went back to the hotel for a cup of tea before saying goodbye.

Peter has a fantastic memory of the old school and we enjoyed listening to his tales. I hope that both Peter and Gail enjoy the rest of their holiday and return soon to the UK. sincerely, Clive L-H 🙂 16th July, 2011.

Please click below to see the photos. All these photos were taken by either Gail Isaac or Edward Lutley:

A surprise luncheon mini reunion with old boy Peter Isaac on his 2011 tour of the UK.

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