An email from Michael Brake

Hullo Clive!

I was browsing through the internet recently and came across the Chilton Cantelo [Cotes-James era] and was immediately bombarded with names and faces I have not seen for years! What a very pleasant surprise indeed!

My name – Michael Brake – there under the pupils – list 14th January 1966…

I arrived in the school, fresh out of [then] Rhodesia – to be placed under the immediate guidance of Adrian Brooking-Clark. He thought there might be family ties [as the name – Brake had Somerset origins]

Was soon running with Rex Carslake [or tried to partially keep up with him!] and soon drinking Port [sometimes vintage] with Nick Harris… was sad to see his obituary, but smiled about him now enjoying Lyme Bay…, seeing the reunion photograph of Dave Wilson and the Thomas-Peter brothers, Rex, Ruth and others evoked great memories.

Looking through the list of pupil’s names as well – remembering many old friends…

I see myself with others [Mary, Fiona, Nick, ZDZ etc] in a photo taken by Glen McLean in the “PHOTOS 65-69” section.

I am, and have, for 30+ years lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Was in the hotel business in and around Canada.

If there is a sharing email addresses site, please feel free to include mine:

I hope that there will be another gathering of the clans sometime as it would be fabulous to catch up with old friends again.

Thanks for a very interesting site!

with best regards,

p.s. I attach an old photo of me in front of that old Bofors Gun and the infamous Jaguar

Michael Brake
Michael Brake, Chilton Cantelo School

Thank you Michael for this interesting email. More emails like this about life in the Cotes-James Era of Chilton Cantelo School wanted for publication (preferably with a photo).

Please send them to us.

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3 replies to “An email from Michael Brake”

  1. Please contact me , I was a student at Chilton Cantelo house during 1965 and 1966 !
    I’m so sorry and so sad to hear about Nick Harris passing away and Michael Swain was a dear dear friend I would love to be in touch with everyone from those days please let me know my email is included I live in Los Angeles California right now

  2. Gosh just googled my old school and there is Michael Blake talking about guys l remember from way back when , can I add Peter Petrides , Geoff Rayne to the list and Paul Hajilicous ?? I’ve just remembered !
    I’m from Cape Town and back here for many a year now running a guest house !
    Hope to take my wife over to uk and show her my old school !
    John Finch
    South Africa

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