Another email from Glenville McLean


Attached is a shot taken in the front courtyard of Chilton, during the ’66-’67 term. I think probably spring ’67. This group has either just returned from, or is about to start, a trip in the Bedford widow-maker in the background.

In my time the building in the background was the TV/theatre room, and maybe a classroom or two.

Behind me (the photographer), would be the boiler room and back entrance to kitchen and dining hall.

The names are (guessing for some):

Hope this doesn’t max out your email server.

If I ever find the original, I may try and re-scan and correct flaws.

Chilton Cantelo School Yard, 1967
  1. Peter Finch
  2. Mike Brake
  3. Nick Harris
  4. Mary Carslake (still living in Haddenham, Bucks)
  5. Zdziechowski M. always known as “ZDZ”
  6. Arthur Swain (Head Boy)
  7. Fiona Fraser (last heard of working in production of “Eastenders”)
  8. David Crighton (?)
  9. (hidden – unknown)
  10. Chris White (? – guessing)
  11. Van Lessen D.

(Glenville McLean).

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2 replies to “Another email from Glenville McLean”

  1. Wow amazing pic , I think the name Halifax for the guy on the right ???
    The bike rack and top of the pops / man from uncle on Thursday night …… memories come flooding back !
    MajorMorton , geography teacher and his Messerschmitt !
    John Finch
    Cape Town

  2. Halifax was the name of the guy with his hands together ! A nostalgic pic ! Going to dig up pics from this era . I was there 1965 to 68 . Regards john finch Cape Town South Africa

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