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Dear Clive

Just thought I’d drop you a line in response to your plea for contacts from old Chiltonians from the C-J era. Unfortunately I could not make it to the recent reunion, but recognised the names of a number of old friends. I was there from 1968 until about 72 or 73.

I now live in Nottingham, and work for Boots UK in the department where we develop Boots brand cosmetic and toiletries.

Anyway, I’ve had a look through the photos of the reunion, and whilst I don’t recognise many of the faces, the school buildings bring back quite a few memories. I was also interested to read the tribute to Arthur Swain, and it this is really the reason I am writing. Arthur (or Boy as we knew him) and Pat his sister were family friends in Chuqui in Chile, so I was really sorry to read of his passing. In deed, it was on their parent’s suggestion that I also went to Chilton once I had finished elementary school in Chile. I recognise many of the things written in his tribute, hunting and exploring the desert where we lived, for example. I too remember sitting in his father’s workshop.

I have not seen Pat, or indeed had any contact with her, since she left Chilton, so maybe you could forward this on to her if you have her email address immediately to hand.

I’ve not seen many people since I left, but am in “regular” contact with Fiona Henderson, and also a few others by Christmas card exchange. I saw Nick Barber March 2011 in Washington DC whilst I was there at a scientific conference. We had dinner together one evening in a micro brewery, and had a nice reminisce about the Chilton days, and also about Hong Kong as I have travelled there extensively with work, and of course Nick grew up there.

Well, that’s all for the time being.

Best wishes, and please feel free to add this to the website email section if you wish.

Stephen Kirk.

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  1. Hello
    Can anyone help me find news of a friend who left The Marist Convent in Ascot and transferred to CC in Sept 1969? Her name was Lorraine Frost. I have never forgotten her.

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