The Luftwaffe’s view of RNAS Yeovilton

Hi Clive,

The attached photo is a scan from the book “Adolph Hitler’s Holiday Snaps”, by Nigel J. Clarke.

“Yeovilton, 1940, Royal Naval Air Station—HMS Heron is now the largest naval air station in the U.K. and was commissioned on the 18th June 1940. The station was bombed four times during the war, with little damage. The navy built a decoy airfield four miles to the west of Yeovilton, at Kingsmoor, which successfully fooled the Luftwaffe into dropping four large parachute mines onto the decoy landing runway”.

The photo does not quite show the grounds of Chilton Cantelo House, but as a number of us did X-country runs and pub visits in the area, I thought it might be of interest.

Chilton Cantelo House is underneath the clock image in the lower right corner. The dark area adjacent to the clock is a copse still existent just west of the school.

The squiggly line near the bottom is the R. Yeo, and the village in the bottom left corner is Limington, and Podimore is in the upper left. The B3151 runs left-right through the centre. The east-west runway is now considerably longer, running all the way to the river in the lower left (for those trying to match up things on the O.S. or GoogleEarth).

Glen (Glenville Mclean in Canada)
RNAS Yeovilton

I am grateful to Glenville Mclean for sending this in and Nigel Clarke for allowing this picture to be used.

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