Monthly Archives: July 2011

A surprise meeting with old boy Peter Isaac

On Thursday I received a telephone call from Edward & Diana Lutley summonsing me to appear at Castle Cary the following day (15th July, 2011) as old Chilton Cantelo boy Peter Isaac, and his charming wife Gail, had descended from New Zealand on Castle Cary on a grand tour of the UK. This beautiful town […]

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An email from Glenville McLean

Chilton Cantelo School Gypsy Caravan

Clive, This image is from a 4-day tour we did via Gypsy caravan around the New Forest during a mid-term or Easter break I n ’67. This worked out rather well, because although the New Forest was packed with motorised caravaners that weekend, We could go just about anywhere we wanted, instead of having to […]

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An email from Nigel Joscelyn

Mary Carslake, Adrian Brooking-Clark, Michael Brake, Nigel Joscelyne & P. Hadjillias. 1966 ish

Clive, Refresh my memory, was I a contemporary of yours or was my brother Hugh. ?. I have visited the Chilton Web site and it provoked many memories and I would very much like to catch up with some of the old boys from my years at CCH. Particularly Nick Smith, David Langan, Mike Brake, […]

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Another email from Glenville McLean

Chilton Cantelo School Yard, 1967

Clive, Attached is a shot taken in the front courtyard of Chilton, during the ’66-’67 term. I think probably spring ’67. This group has either just returned from, or is about to start, a trip in the Bedford widow-maker in the background. In my time the building in the background was the TV/theatre room, and […]

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