17th July 2011

An email from Glenville McLean

Chilton Cantelo School Gypsy Caravan


This image is from a 4-day tour we did via Gypsy caravan around the New Forest during a mid-term or Easter break I n ’67.

Chilton Cantelo School Gypsy Caravan

This worked out rather well, because although the New Forest was packed with motorised caravaners that weekend, We could go just about anywhere we wanted, instead of having to park in crowded lots with about 1000 other campers and their vehicles. I think we pretty much lived on beans, bread, and rum (or similar).

  1. Left – Nigel Jocelyn (lived in Llanymynech nr. Welshpool)
  2. Middle – David Kendrick-Jones (from Geneva)
  3. Right – Gerry Cramer (from Holland)


(Glenville McLean) 12/11/2007

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