Emails from Oldies

A true story from 1978

Snow drifts 1978 phone box Lower Chilton Cantelo at Lower Farm

Dear Clive, I noticed your web-site on Chilton Cantelo School and that you are interested in stories from the Capt. Cotes-James era. I have a little story which I think is well worth mentioning. It comes from February 1978, which seems a long time ago now (!), and so I can only tell it as I […]

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An email from Glenville McLean

Chilton Cantelo School Gypsy Caravan

Clive, This image is from a 4-day tour we did via Gypsy caravan around the New Forest during a mid-term or Easter break I n ’67. This worked out rather well, because although the New Forest was packed with motorised caravaners that weekend, We could go just about anywhere we wanted, instead of having to […]

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An email from Nigel Joscelyn

Mary Carslake, Adrian Brooking-Clark, Michael Brake, Nigel Joscelyne & P. Hadjillias. 1966 ish

Clive, Refresh my memory, was I a contemporary of yours or was my brother Hugh. ?. I have visited the Chilton Web site and it provoked many memories and I would very much like to catch up with some of the old boys from my years at CCH. Particularly Nick Smith, David Langan, Mike Brake, […]

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Another email from Glenville McLean

Chilton Cantelo School Yard, 1967

Clive, Attached is a shot taken in the front courtyard of Chilton, during the ’66-’67 term. I think probably spring ’67. This group has either just returned from, or is about to start, a trip in the Bedford widow-maker in the background. In my time the building in the background was the TV/theatre room, and […]

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