Email from Zul Dhanani

Hi Clive,

I got the the link from Mehboob Juma,

I was in Chilton in 1968, I would be like to make contact with Peter Burton as we used to share the study next to the TV room. I would appreciate your help and updates. Let me know of of any forth coming reunions.


Zul Dhanani

Dear Zul,

Thank you for your email. It was good to hear from you. Now that I have got your email I will definitely contact you regarding the August old boys/girls reunion at Chilton Cantelo House.

I hope that you make contact with your old pal Peter Burton. Another good way of contacting people is via an excellent website called ‘Friends Reunited’.

It is free to join and you will be able to find and contact many of your school friends.

Thank you again for your email and I hope that I meet you at this Summer’s old school reunion. Sincerely, Clive 🙂

Email from Stephen Kirk

Dear Clive

Just thought I’d drop you a line in response to your plea for contacts from old Chiltonians from the C-J era. Unfortunately I could not make it to the recent reunion, but recognised the names of a number of old friends. I was there from 1968 until about 72 or 73.

I now live in Nottingham, and work for Boots UK in the department where we develop Boots brand cosmetic and toiletries.

Anyway, I’ve had a look through the photos of the reunion, and whilst I don’t recognise many of the faces, the school buildings bring back quite a few memories. I was also interested to read the tribute to Arthur Swain, and it this is really the reason I am writing. Arthur (or Boy as we knew him) and Pat his sister were family friends in Chuqui in Chile, so I was really sorry to read of his passing. In deed, it was on their parent’s suggestion that I also went to Chilton once I had finished elementary school in Chile. I recognise many of the things written in his tribute, hunting and exploring the desert where we lived, for example. I too remember sitting in his father’s workshop.

I have not seen Pat, or indeed had any contact with her, since she left Chilton, so maybe you could forward this on to her if you have her email address immediately to hand.

I’ve not seen many people since I left, but am in “regular” contact with Fiona Henderson, and also a few others by Christmas card exchange. I saw Nick Barber March 2011 in Washington DC whilst I was there at a scientific conference. We had dinner together one evening in a micro brewery, and had a nice reminisce about the Chilton days, and also about Hong Kong as I have travelled there extensively with work, and of course Nick grew up there.

Well, that’s all for the time being.

Best wishes, and please feel free to add this to the website email section if you wish.

Stephen Kirk.

The Luftwaffe’s view of RNAS Yeovilton

Hi Clive,

The attached photo is a scan from the book “Adolph Hitler’s Holiday Snaps”, by Nigel J. Clarke.

“Yeovilton, 1940, Royal Naval Air Station—HMS Heron is now the largest naval air station in the U.K. and was commissioned on the 18th June 1940. The station was bombed four times during the war, with little damage. The navy built a decoy airfield four miles to the west of Yeovilton, at Kingsmoor, which successfully fooled the Luftwaffe into dropping four large parachute mines onto the decoy landing runway”.

The photo does not quite show the grounds of Chilton Cantelo House, but as a number of us did X-country runs and pub visits in the area, I thought it might be of interest.

Chilton Cantelo House is underneath the clock image in the lower right corner. The dark area adjacent to the clock is a copse still existent just west of the school.

The squiggly line near the bottom is the R. Yeo, and the village in the bottom left corner is Limington, and Podimore is in the upper left. The B3151 runs left-right through the centre. The east-west runway is now considerably longer, running all the way to the river in the lower left (for those trying to match up things on the O.S. or GoogleEarth).

Glen (Glenville Mclean in Canada)
RNAS Yeovilton

I am grateful to Glenville Mclean for sending this in and Nigel Clarke for allowing this picture to be used.

I would like to draw your attention to the following

Two emails that I received from old boy G.D. Cranmer Kenrick

Below is a precis of two emails that I received from old boy G.D. Cranmer Kenrick (2nd March,2011).

Cran’s email address is:

Dear Clive,

My name is G.D. Cranmer Kenrick L., I’m Chilean and was at Chilton between 62 and end of 64 and a close friend of Nigel. He came down to Chile with me in Nov/Dec 64 and stayed with my family for a month or so.

I would love to get in contact with:

Nigel Joscelyne
Patrick Oakley
Robert Bovey
Fuad Moatter
Mary Carslake
Adrian Brooking-Clark

And if possible with all those magnificent friend I had in those days.

This has been a great “finding” because at this stage I should be “six foot under  due to “Lung CA”

I would very much appreciate your assistance on this matter. (if at all possible).

All the very best,


The 2011 Edward Lutley pub lunch mini reunion followed by a strawberry tea invitation at Chilton

Old boy Edward Lutley made a surprise visit to Chilton CanteloSchool, when he was in the area, and received the invitation from Dr John & Mrs Jane Price to their Strawberry Tea which was kindly extended to the Oldies. Edward then thought that it might be an idea for all the Oldies to meet up for a pub lunch cum mini reunion beforehand at the Rose & Crown at Trent. This pub was an excellent choice and we all enjoyed ourselves as you can see in the photos below.

The Chilton Cantelo School Strawberry Tea was attended by present day parents, masters, 10 oldies, pupils and even the Town Crier of Yeovil, Bruce Trigger.

It was a wonderful Strawberry Cream Tea in a typically old English setting which was enjoyed by everybody. We are indebted to the Headmaster and his wife for inviting us.

Thank you also to all the Chilton Cantelo School old boys and girls who were able to attend. They were:

  • Richard Cotes-James
  • Edward Lutley
  • Peter Liesching
  • Nicholas Collis
  • Stewart Whitfield
  • Shaun O’Connor
  • Gareth Derbyshire
  • Mark Audemars
  • Sally Potter
  • Clive Lewis-Hopkins

Photos from the day

All photos are by Clive Lewis-Hopkins unless otherwise stated.

What a hip little site!

The following lines refer to Neil C. Smith’s old Chiltonians website which has disappeared from our screens. I wrote them back in 2002, when I had my old hippy head on, and posted them on Neil’s notice board. It was a hip little site indeed and a lot bigger than this tiddler!

What has happened to you Neil? Clive Lewis-Hopkins.

April 19th 2002 03:31:21 PM
Name Clive Lewis-Hopkins.
Period at Chilton Cantelo School: first half of the swinging 60s

Say something: Gents (+ Ruth Thomas who was like the only bird at the school at that time).

What a hip little site. I was hanging ten one day in a cyber cafe waiting for the surf to pick up in weston-super-mare when I discovered this site. wow. Cool stuff. Great to re-discover my past life as the golden boy of chilton cantelo. Playing sea cadets, smoking pipe virginia, scrumpy half a crown a pint, oh such a life. But i was young back then and what i wouldn’t give to know then the things i know now. Remember “lift up your hearts” at 10 to 8 in the morning. It was, like, freaky man. gotta hop through. Peace to you all. Good karma. “Magic mushroom” or “the wild one” to my alreet surfer mates.